How Can I Repair My RCA TV Color Convergence Model #R52WH74?


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Before doing any repairs on your RCA TV Color Convergence, it is best to check with a trained technician. If you are at all in doubt about what to do or your ability to do it , then it is better to take the set to a trained technician.

It is impossible to say the exact cause of the problem without thoroughly inspecting the set, but these models do have a very common problem which is easily fixed. There is a fuse which can be replaced, this is often the cause of problems with these sets and if the fuse is replaced correctly, it is an inexpensive repair that cannot harm your set. 

The fuse is a small brown rectangular fuse known as a fl231> it is common for this to blow due to poor solder connections on what is known as the flyback. If this is your problem, then it not difficult to repair, if not, then replacing the part is simple and inexpensive and will not harm your set.

These fuses are located next to the flyback. The flyback is a big black device which controls the power to your set. It has a big red wire coming from it looks like a car's distributor. Next to this device you should be able to see three small rectangular brown or tan looking fuses the fl231 is the middle one.

If you are going to replace this part yourself, it is vitally important that you ensure the power is off and has been for around 30 seconds and that you replace it for an identical fuse and the soldering is done well, as it is insufficient soldering which causes this problem.

If this does not resolve the problem, take the set to a qualified repair technician.
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If its not the fuse can you realign the color?
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If there is no option for the remote, you may need first to replace the fuse, if the fuse is good,

then you need a repair kit for the Convergence Circuit, Only then , you can realign the color.
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First try the convergence on the remote, if it is not an option

look for FL231 fuse near the flyback transformer.

And don't  adjust anything using your screwdriver, it can be done through remote control

once you found the    

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Fuse next to flyback tom

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