Can U Replace A Bulb In A Rca Model # R52WH74 Tv?


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Yes it is possible to replace the bulb in a RCA model R52WH74 television, however you should not replace it yourself.

There are three CRT tubes inside the television unit which link up to the bulb. Sometimes it just needs some alignment if it has ceased to work which will consist of a repair man taking out the anode cap from the old CRT to a new one. In addition, if the colour of the bulb starts to look like a very pale blue, almost white then it will probably need replacing as a CRT tube has broken. Furthermore, you must ensure that the CRT tube does look faulty before replacing it.

There are some repairs you can carry out if you’re experiencing any other problems with your television.  For example if your TV does not turn on then you should check to see of the power from the electrical outlet on the wall is working. If it does not turn on then you should plug other appliances into the wall outlet to see if they work because you may not have a live outlet. If your television turns itself off occasionally then perhaps you should try and set it to a sleep timer to check to see if it can turn itself on. For example, to activate the sleep timer you simply have to enter a time onto the television as to when you would like the TV to turn on and see if that works. Furthermore, if you’re having trouble with the television staying on then turn your TV on and wait for about 30 seconds because sometimes a power surge may have activated an electronic protection circuit which may turn your TV off.
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If it really needs replacement have the professionals do it for you, it needs alignment ,
and you will be taking out the anode cap from the old CRT to the new one.

If you can see arcking inside the CRT tube then most probably it needs replacement, it
could be bluest white in color, you have 3 CRT tube's inside  your unit

Have the unit properly checked if there is no visual indication of bad CRT tube, before
replacing one, CRT tubes last longer than Lamps.

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