I Have A Rca R52wh74. When I Attempt To Power It On It Shows A Green Light, But Do Not Show Any Pictures And You Cannot Hear Any Sound. It Stays On For A Second And Then Shuts Off?


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Make sure your set -top box is connected and " ON ", or the Source ( like a DVD player ) are
connected accordingly to the TV audio and video input and it is  " ON  "  likewise.

Have your TV unplugged for a while ( like 30 minutes to one hour ) and put it back
to a working   known good outlet later ( without anything connected yet, Source, ST Box )

While you are waiting for the 30 minutes , have some time browsing or surfing the net,

On your browser, Type in your TV Model number and press enter.

You might find what others have tried , and solutions for the problem that you have.

Although , it may applies to yours , But who knows , it depends on what components,
chassis your TV have been made of.

Although at times , Solutions might be relevant to your unit , it only applies , if it is done

Start with the power supply, Insure it has adequate, sufficient enough to supply to the Circuits
inside the TV.

There are different output voltages on the Main Power Supply, low voltage which goes to the
system ( that is why , you can see the green light ), But there are also voltages like +110V
which drives the Flyback Transformer that produces high Voltage necessary to bright up
your three ( 3 ) CRT .

These circuit might be the problem in which you are having.
  ( On some they just have " Flyback Transformer " pins resoldered,
  But be very careful and cautious  )

Your TV inside have a built in microcomputer that detects faults at starts-up and will force
the Power Supply Circuits to fail to work in a Normal Mode if problem is detected.

TV troubleshooting can be confusing and at times dangerous , So you must have a copy of the service Manual when preparing to work first time on these Circuits.

Have the main capacitor discharged by a 3.3K 5w Resistor before checking on component

Voltage measurement is also a must , should you wish to know more details on your unit.

Although there are times capacitor bulging can be seen on the " Deflection Board ".

These might be 30 minutes already, Have it plugged again!

Hope these helps,


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