52" RCA Projection TV. When Turned On Power Light Flashes 3 Times Set Turns Off And Will Not Power Up. Can You Help?


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This seems to be quite a common problem with these TVs and usually means that it is beyond repair (or will cost the earth to repair so there's little point). Obviously, you could take it to a repair shop to find out exactly what the problem is but if you do, make sure that you choose one that does not charge for diagnosing the problem otherwise you could end up with a bill and still have a broken TV.

If you have to get a new TV, then the best thing to do is to have a look at some reviews so that you can get an idea of which TVs are providing the best value for money depending on what you want from your TV. The most renowned place for independent reviews is Which?, and their web address is: www.which.com/, but this is another excellent site for unbiased technology reviews: www.cnet.com/ 

Both of these will give you a detailed analysis on any of the TVs that you may be interested in, and will give real opinions rather than just regurgitate the manufacturer's blurb so that you will hand over your hard earned cash for something that is going to let you down five minutes after the warranty has run out.

They cover all makes and models so that you can make comparisons, and when you have finally narrowed the field there are other sites that will direct you to the cheapest places to buy the one that you have chosen.

All this research may take some time, but far better waste a little time than huge amounts of money on a TV that is going to let you down - again!
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I have a 52 inch rca hd52w59 I had a repair shop come to my home to repair tv. Technician said power supply board was shorting out.took tv to shop and called me two days later and said the green projection lamp and cage was causing the short and turning the tv off after three try.not the power supply board. Tech said it would cost to much to repair.suggested I buy a lcd tv.so if you are not 100% sure what is causing the problem you will be wasting money on parts you might not need.my tv was only 3 1/2 years old.I hope this helps you.
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The three flashes is typical of a High Voltage Splitter gone bad. That was the problem with my 60" RCA (Proscan) and I fixed it after I found a number of sites that recommended the above solution. Be ultra careful because of the high voltages on the lines to this component. Partstore.com had the replacement part (no, I'm a consumer and don't have any relation to this store).
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I'm having that same problem right now, when you find an answer please post it.
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Same problem here and can't get a straight answer anywhere! A class action lawsuit to rca may help! They suck!
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Its the tv itself, all of these models have the same problem! I bought a replacement board and that should fix it $36 and $15 shipping from ebay.the guys screen broke so thats why he is selling it for parts. Can't afford a  new one so hopefully this board,flyback will fix it! There are a lot of parts for this tv on ebay so take a look for your board.simple to remove the back of the tv
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I've got bad news for you. Your power board is about to 'fry & die'.
It happened to me a month ago with my 3 1/2 yr old RCA model D52W27D (6 months after my warranty expired).
It will cost about $400 to repair.
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but check the supply voltage first,

if none extract horizontal output transistor might be shorted

if extracting horizontal output transistor still no B+, power supply dead., check diode, capacitor,

if OK replace the main regulator,

if has supply but low, say 70v time to replace flyback transformer if horizontal out is good.

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On mine I can only see tv for 15 minutes and then it turns off. I always thought RCA was great but not like this. I bought mine in June 2007, not even 3 years of service, they only offered 2 years of warranty.
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It seems that this is a naturally occurring problem that rca does not have a recall on.  I have the same problem with the unit turning off and then tries to turn itself back on 3 times then simply turns off.  Then I have to wait 10 min before I can turn it back on.  Then  10 min later back to the same b.s. Rca are crooks.  Do yourself a favor and research your products you buy on the internet.  Go ahead and absorb the cost and buy yourself a good tv that you have done great research on.  Because the money, time and heartache isn't worth this tv set.
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Thomas took over rca and yep, this is a recall problem rca needs to address like a free fix or replacement! Come on, back in the day tvs lasted 10 yrs atleast!
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I had the same problem w/ mine , un plug it for 20 sec the plug back in , it reboot's the system , now mine works fine good luck

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