Haier Tv Codes With A Rca Universal Remote?


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Need 4 digit code for haier tv with a rca universal remote
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I need the code to operate a DISH remote with my Haier tv ( on/off & Volume ). Haier tells me there is no code is this true?
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I encontered the same problem with my old 13" Haier tv I bought back in 2001. I tryed RCA. They don't work!
Buy a Radio Shack Family Favorite 5-in-1 remote for $14.99 since its the only one that lists Haier. That code is 1034. Try that.

But of course things never work right if you have a real old tv, so I referred to a combination of the troubleshooting of the 2 previous models (4-in1 and 3-in-1). Use this method if you get the Radio shack one and it doesnt work

1. Press "TV" button
2. Hold "P" (program button) till the "TV" button flashes once then twice
3. Enter 9 9 1, and the "TV" should flash twice
4. Aim the remote at the TV and hold the Power button down for at least 3 seconds. (Remote automatically goes to first code but it probably wont work so go on to step 5)
5. Press CH+ repeatedly till the TV shuts off and stop immediately!
6. Hold "P" for 2 seconds
7. Hold "Select" for 2 seconds
8. Hold "P" for 2 seconds
9. Hold Power for 2 seconds and TV should turn back on.

If not. Repeat steps 1 thru 9. I know it sounds tedious but its the best bet. It took me three tries because my finger slipped and hit other buttons or I didnt stop when it shut off. I spent 3 hours looking for codes online and nothing worked.

Otherwise buy the replacement on the Haier website and pay $19.99 plus a load in shipping. Radio shack beats that!

Good Luck!

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