What Would Be The Code For The Precision TV Using An RCA Universal Remote?


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The RCA Universal Remote Control allows the user to access a number of devices, including a television, DVD player, Sky and Cable.

Coming in a number of models, the RCA remote control varies in the amount of devices you are able to access. These include remotes which control anywhere between two and eight separate devices.

RCA have also released a voice controlled remote which allows you to access your television or DVD, and program devices with only your voice.

There are two ways to program your RCA Universal Remote Control, both by automatically searching for a code, and manually by entering the code yourself.

  • Turn on the device you would like to program.
  • Press and release the component button on your remote that matches to the device you want to be able to operate, For example a DVD player.
  • The illuminated on/off button will now turn on, and should remain on.
  • Press both the component button and the on/off buttons. The illuminated on/off button will turn off, and then will automatically come back on.
  • Release both buttons after the on/off button turns back on. The button will remain illuminated.
  • Press and release the play button. If the device does not respond after a few seconds, continue to press the play button until the device turns off.
  • Press and release the reverse button when the device turns off, then wait to see if the device turns on again.
  • Press and then let go of the stop button to save the new code. Remember if you do not press stop, the code will not be saved!
If you are still struggling to find a code for your RCA Universal Remote Control, via the automatic function. You can also find a list of codes to enter manually on the official RCA website - www.rca.com.
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Try code 166... Did not work for my Precision tv but maybe it;ll work for you...

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