What Is The Code For A Rca Tv?


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There are a choice of codes for an RCA TV and they are: 000; 006; 011; 019; 027; 034; 038 and 044. If you need codes for an RCA VCR (some people still have them!), they are: 000; 005; 007; 008; 028; 035; 037; 054; 069. For a cable box they are 000 and 027.

If you ever need a code for any of these devices for RCA or other manufacturers, you can do a code search quite simply. (Sometimes the listed codes do not work so this is a good method for these instances, too).

First of all, you need to manually switch on whatever it is you are looking for a code for, and then press and hold ‘code search’. You will need to press and then let go of the device button that you want to set up, that is, your TV, VCR or Cable Box. If you are using AUX for a device, however, press and let go of AUX first and then the button for your selected device. That button should flash once to let you know that it has responded.

You can now let go of the ‘code search’. The next part may take some time, and will definitely irritate you, but it is all part of the process. Press ‘off/on’ repeatedly until the device turns itself off. The irritating part is that it may take up to a hundred presses before it actually does it.

Once it has turned itself off, you need to press and release the ‘enter’ button. You can switch your device back on and then press any of the buttons to see if it responds. If it does, great; if does not, then you will need to repeat the procedure all over again.

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