I Have A Philips Universal Remote With A Toshiba Tv ,how To Find A Code?


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He best way to find a code for your Toshiba TV with a Philips Universal remote is to go to the official site and look for it: The site will firstly ask you to enter the country you are situated in before you start. Just scroll down the menu and choose from the list. You will then be asked to enter the type of remote control you have by using another scroll down menu. This number will be on the original box or perhaps on the back of the remote control.
You then will have to choose what sort of device you want to set the particular remote control up for. You can choose from every sort of device from cable boxes to hi fi's to televisions. When you have done this you will be asked to choose the manufacturer of the box.
This will then come up with a number for the device you have chosen. Sometimes many devices come up and you will have to choose one number to use for that particular box, TV or whatever the device in question is.
These is also a option for you to get a tutorial on how to enter the information into your remote control so you can ensure it works on your selected device.
These instructions are generally the same as the ones you will have received with your remote control originally, but it is handy to know if you have lost them that you can enter them in this way.
The remote has thousands of devices to choose from so you should have no problem programming or re-programming if it needs be.
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Well you need a control and you turn it on and press TV and it will turn off and then turn it on then it will work
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I have a phillps remote and I have direct tv and need codes for a toshiba tv.

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