Code For Dynex Tv With A Phillips Universal Remote?


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Rena Chisholm answered
There are several codes for your Philips Tv.
  They are; 062, 004, 075, 008, 019, 003, 012, 068, 069, 076, 086, 087 and 088.
   You will have to determine which one works for your particular Tv.
Once you set the code, if it doesn't work for all the buttons, then you will need to search until you find  one that does.
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I have a phillips and an old sylvania Tv/Dvd tube television and need codes to be able to change the channel
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Anonymous answered
For my Philips Universal Remote, the code was 115
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Arsalan Maqbool answered
There are a lot of codes for your codes for Phillips universal remote,some of the best ones are:

209 210
310 402 408
508 510 807 901
914 917

You will have to enter these by using the code search button.
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cheryl wagner answered
We have a Philips universal remote. We have queasier tv.
We need a code to get the remote to work w/the tv.

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