I Need The Code For Our Sanyo TV From A Phillips Universal Remote. Anybody Have Any Idea?


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It can be extremely irritating when you have purchased a Universal remote, hoping that all your days worrying about lost remotes were over because they would all be one place, but then you forget the code or the one you have got is wrong. But because you have a Phillips Universal Remote, then you might be quite lucky and have no problems.

First of all before you do anything, try checking the box that your remote control came in. Read through the instruction booklets and any other paperwork that came with it. You may find that your code is mentioned somewhere in there or some clue is given to you as to how you should go about resetting the code or finding it out.

If this doesn’t give you any results then you can always try going back to the store where you bought it from. Those guys there are paid to know what they are talking about so they may be able to give you the answer you are looking for. If not then they will definitely be able to point you in the right direction.

It these all fail to solve your problem, then Phillips have introduced a great little system to help you. Simply access this website www.urc.philips.com/ and select the country that you live in from the list in the bottom left hand corner or your language. You will then be asked to enter your device information, firstly your remote type and then the device type that will be presented next. Then enter your device brand. One or several codes will be presented to you so try them all if one of them doesn’t seem to work. If you are not sure how to programme your remote, then a link will be listed underneath that you can click on for instructions.
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Very useful this website! It works with 0506, just hold the code search button until is red, then put the code, then ENTER, then turn off the tv and then on.
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Go to Philip's.com and customer support. You can enter you remote type and it will give you the codes. There are also numerous other free sites that supply this information remotes.com or just do a search for remote control codes. You will find several free sites with this information.
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You just take the remote stand about 4ft. Away from tv push power button if tv doesnt turn on take one more step away from tv then throw remote as hard as you can at tv. Of tv is not broke yet pick tv up and throw out nearest window. Go get a tv that comes with remote.then replace window. Sit down drink a beer and enjoy new tv with working remote
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I have a solution.I have actually had to do it several times before all you have to do is go to the web site for the universal remote and they will give you all the codes for the TV. It is kind of time consuming to go through the codes they do give but it works.
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where is this site? I can't find it
(phillips magnavox tv/vcr/dvd/sat/cbl 5 device universal remote.) Thank you
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0506 works!! Thank you
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How do I put the code (0506) into the phillips univ remote? Do I have to point at the tv while I do this? Thanks
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If 0181 doesn't work,try 0506. I have a Sanyo tv and hopefully that'll work for you.
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The code for our Sanyo TV from a Phillips Universal Remote is 0181.

Now, can you help me set up my Universal ...I have a Kenwood DVD, Tuner, Daewo TV, Motorola Comcast DVR......Phillips ProntoNEO.

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