I Have A Emerson 32 Inch Flat Screen, The Standby Lite Is On And The TV Won't Turn On. How Do I Get It Off Standby Mode?


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Eben Wong answered

no. My POS still doesn't turn on. The remote is not the cause. This seems to be a frequent occurance with emerson.

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Angela Someone answered
I have been trying to figure this out forever and just got my same TV back on! I had given up and was about to box my TV back up and try to return it. After trying all the powering off and leaving unpluged for 30 min (which didn't work) I started just trying some of my own ideas.

Press and hold the power button (on the TV itself, not the remote) and while the lights are blinking, press and hold the menu button on your TV at the same time. I did this and all of a sudden my dead TV came back on and powered on!!!
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sajjad haider answered
Well I suggest that you turn off the television for a few seconds. Afterwards try turning it on again and hopefully it wont be in standby mode. Also you could try checking your remote for any problems that might have occurred because the main problem might be with your remote and not your television.

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