My 52inch Rca Flat-screen Turns On And Off And Wont Stay On,what Do I Do?


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Unplug your TV for at least 10 minutes and put it back

if the problem still the same, you need a technician

it is in protection state, inhibiting itself from further damaged!
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It may be that you have a snooze or alarm set on your tv to tell it to shut off. I would like to know where I can buy a c\screen for my 52 inch tv. TV stores where I have gone say that they cost more to buy then a brand new tv.

Good luck with your problem...But I think that it is bullcrap to repair these tv.s they are like the VCR's when they first came out and they charged $400. And $500.00 for them. I guess we being consumers are really getting ripped off and taken under the coals.

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