What Is The Difference Between SPDIF And Digital Coaxial Cable?


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I am curious what kind of laptop has an SPDIF output and if it has an input as well. I recently bought a turntable that has the SPDIF output and found, like you, that you need a SPDIF reciever to have the correct handshaking (codex) for it to work. Sony/Philips came up with this protocol thinking it would be the industry standard but similar to IBMs microchannel, it was to specific and the industry has made a similar standard that is more used. SPDIF is good but to specific. Also, if you happen to know of where I could find a sound card (cheap) that has an SPDIF input, I would be interested as right now I have to take the anolog output on the turntable and turn it into a digital signal to record my albums even though I have the SPDIF output because I can't use it.
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I think Sound Blaster cards have spdif inputs, but unless there is some signal processing hardware or firmware in the turntable just taking the analog signal from the pickup and converting it to digital might not provide any better sound than the direct analog. There is some very good software for cleaning audio. If you can return the turn table, USB devices are available today.
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SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format) is a consumer digital audio signal definition it is transfered over a digital coaxial cable. Much like an RCA cable but capable of sending data at a much higher rate.

If they support the correct hand-shaking protocols they should be compatible.

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