What Is The Difference Between Analog Quantities And Digital Quantities?


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Analog data is built upon numbers 0 thru 9 to discern bits of data + Digital data is built upon numbers 0 and 1 only to discern bits/byte(s), thus analog data requires approximately 8 times more space to require the same result on average but there are benefits sometimes using analog data like in older music frequencies for example, a record producer may describe the difference how a music compact disc is harder on the human subconscious than older analog tapes of music which are easier on the brain, we consciously are unaware of what is going on but the truth is if we are listen to a modern day jazz CD and believe we're listening to relaxing music so to speak that is a contradiction nowadays in it's digital format on the laser disc, the human brain is actually going crazy subconsciously while listening to digital music as it discerns so to speak 48 to 96khz.

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