Do Computers Use Analog Signals, Or Digital Signals?


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Computers use a digital signal. Analog signal is the type of electrical waves that are stored on an audio cassette tape. Analog signal captures the pattern of sound waves and creates sounds when you play it.

Digital signal is an electrical signal that uses strong and weak pulses of electricity. This is also a matter of using zeroes and ones. The computer translates the pulses into 0's and 1's.

The computer uses "binary code." A bit is a 0 or a 1 of binary code. A byte is a series of 8 bits. For example, 11000010 is a byte. A byte is a basic piece of information.

1,024 bytes is a Kilobyte. Kilobyte is KB.

1,024 Kilobytes (KB) is equal to 1 Megabyte (MB).

1,024 Megabytes (MB) is equal to 1 Gigabyte. (GB) and so on like that.

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