What Are The Types Of Coaxial Cables Used For Data Communications In A LAN?


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All of the above are incorrect. The correct answer is
Thicknet 10 base 5 (RG-8)
Thinnet  10 base 2 (RG--58)

Remember the AWG (American wire gage ) The bigger the number the thicker the wire will be.
The number means the number of dies the core have been trough. The more more dies the core goes trough the thinner the cable will be.
So people do your homework. And I am proud to say that I am an ITT- TECH student.
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Thicknet for 10base5 Ethernet Lan
Thinnet for 10base2 Ethernet Lan
... And I do go to ITT-Tech
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10 Base-2 (Thinnet) is a 50-ohm coaxial cable (RG-58) with a maximum segment distance of 185 meters.
10 Base-5 (Thicknet) is a 50-ohm coaxial cable (RG-59) with a maximum segment distance of 500 meters.
However in current networks this is not implemented anymore and coaxial cable is more common in backbone wiring or solid strand termination.
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UTP CAT-5 is used in LAN communication.
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RG-58, 10Base2, or thinnet, allows for a maximum segment length of 185 meters.
RG-11, 10Base5, or thicknet cable is used as a backbone cable.
Thicknet Ethernet segments may be up to 500 meters long.

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