What Are Some Of The Factors That Determine Whether A Communication System Is A LAN, MAN, WAN?


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  The main difference between LAN, MAN and WAN is the scope and coverage of the networks. LAN (Local area network) is usually used to connect computers in smaller distances such as in a building or in offices. They use various topologies such as bus topology, ring topology, star typology etc to connect the computers and share information only among the computers connected in LAN. A Metropolitan Network covers larger coverage than LAN and is usually used for connecting a city rather than single organization. A Wide Area Network is collection of networks or many LANS. The perfect example of WAN is internet which connects thousands and millions of networks. Another factor which distinguishes between LAN, MAN and WAN is that LAN and MAN are owned by certain entities such as government, educational institutions or organizations whereas WAN (i.e. Internet) is not owned by anyone.       

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