Is Club Penguin Violent?


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Club Penguin is not a violent game it is a place were kids have an online chat and there are some games. It is not that much fun if you are older than 13 but my little sister how is 8 loves it. I am almost positive that is all that club Penguin is.
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It's not violent but it's stupid and runs really slowly.
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selena vasquez
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No it doesny and its not stupid as you say
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No it is not stupid you just have a slow computer. Club penguin is awesome.
emma arellano
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Its not stupid u jerk and maybe u just have a slow cumputer club penguin is an awesome game
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Of course not! U r a cute sweet innocent Little penguin who waddles around and meets new friends! The only thing violent is sometimes members. I have never seen this happen for myself but apparently some of them cuss alot. But every websites has their pros and cons. Hope i helped ;]
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I don't think it is. I have one but, but i think its stupid
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its not violent at all iv been playin for i dont no how long
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Club penguin is a Disney website that allows only safe, positive talk. If you were to break that law you would be kicked off the site for good. If you say the f word you would get flagged and the club penguin company would ban you from ever returning to the site. Hoped you liked your answer. Thanks for reading. XD!
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No i dont think its violent its just a game where u talk with outher people around the world but i think the unfair thing is that if ur not a member u cant buy anything only 2 puffles and play gamez thats it P.S. I am a member my username is: Pepperkgirl u might of seen me on cp cuz i go there like everyday XD
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Club Penguin is not violent, you can play minigames in it, chat with friends, and meet new friends in the all new vitual world, it has events monthly, so be sure to check it out...

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Club penguin is not violent. Penguins have the power to report any one if their behavior is bad. I love cp. Its my favorite website!!

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No! You are a little penguin! The only thing i would think of worrying about is rude comments people write...but the company is usually good about blocking those
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No! No one gets hurt! But there is a lot of swearing and probably hurt feelings of other people and penguins!
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Well Yeah It is Kind Of People Say Gets Shovel Flaps With It Heres Some Proof Go On Lil Kookee16 On Youtube And Watch Flap Contest
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One of the boys in my class has a bro and he swore and got banned. Him himself asked to S E X with a pink penguin! (lol!!!!) that sounds stupid
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No club penguin is Tottaly safe and if you say a bad ward you get banned and the total bans are 3 the next time its 4 ever
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Well i would say yes and no. Because there is lots of swaring and some people i mean penguins dont have unliminite standred chat. So yah someone abused me once. I was a member walking around then a nonmember said, I WILL KILL YOU SON OF A B**** (exept she put no t) and she said shoots with a gun. Then another nonmember came and said i will kill you too! And they said shoots penguin. And then i said i will report you and they said FUCK YOU! AND GOT BANNED!

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