What Are Some Awesome Virtual Worlds For Preteens That Are Girls?


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There are many virtual worlds for preteen girls out there such as Barbie Girls, Disney's Pixie Hollow, and TY Girlz. Preteen girls are fond of using the internet especially in making new friends and they see these virtual worlds as their easiest access to knowing other girls their age.

Though there are several virtual worlds these girls can choose from, these sites are guaranteed to provide them clean fun and enjoyment:

• Barbie Girls

Girls in their preteens are always looking for friends who would listen to them and share their ideas with. They want to gain friends whom they can rely on and talk to regularly without any reservations. That's exactly what this virtual world has to offer.

Barbie Girls are ideal for your young girl. It's loaded with fun games and safe to use too. You don't have to worry about your child getting into violent games or prohibited chat rooms since the site has strict rules and regulations.

• Disney's Pixie Hollow

When we talk a bout Disney we talk about magic. Indeed this virtual world is truly magical with fairy avatars and fancy games. Here your little girl can decorate her own room and even invite others for a nice chat.

• Ty Girlz

Your glamorous little angel will surely enjoy this virtual world. It's perfect for your young fashionista who likes dressing up and decorating her own room. Chats and games are also available.

There are many virtual worlds your girl can get into. However, it's your responsibility as a parent to ensure that she gets in one which is ideal for her age. Parental guidance is a must every time your child uses the internet. If possible, join her as she looks for possible virtual worlds. You should also come up with rules and regulations in using the internet.
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Hi Everyone! These days when you're bored, you're usually looking for virtual worlds to play on and here are some for both boys and girls :
And more! There's soooo many virtual worlds out there guys! You just have to wait, search, discover, and see!!! Hope this helps! :)
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I am a BIG virtual/online world website-type person. It's all I really go on other then things for school. Check out these sites, there good for people 10 and up. And if your that type of person that doesn't like the world's where your not really human, your some type of 'lame' creature, don't worry, because I hate those to, all of these sites your a virtual person ;)


My fav's are, and

I hope I could help!!
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A really fun website that I enjoy is It is a virtual world for preteens !! What you do is you make an avatar (they don't look the best in the beginning) and you can play games and go to Flo's Diner and have lunch with some friends, or you can go to Snaps and capture some photos with your friends ! You can do so many things !! There is "about me" where you can talk about yourself, and its completely free ! NO DOWNLOAD! NO VIRUS! Its 100% safe ! You can match up with a boy/girl and go around asking if people could be your child. You can buy gowns and veils to get married and its like another life ! Shop, challenge your friends to dance, get together at your condo and relax !! Its a lot of fun !! I play lots of games and the more levels you gain, the more you can get access to things ! You can get up to level 100 and thats it. It takes a long time though. I have been on ourWorld for 1 year and I am only level 33 , on ourWorld my name is Wild Shine, it used to be crissygurl12 but my friend hacked and changed it.

Hope that helped.
-Guest ;)
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I need a cool virtual  world that you can marry,kiss,give birth and do bab things P.S am 9
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Wenkstown is a really good website trust me I thiught it was lame because I couldnt log in but now its amazing! SIKE don't TRY WENKS N what EVER THE REST IS!
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I know some pretty good only worlds for tweens and girls. These are actually my experienced games and I think they are safe yet fun to play on. (LittlestPetShop)
Tygirlz (Most rated good girl game, I give it average score)
Okay so these are my good games, good luck finding one!
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I know great worlds for girls here they are huh hum:
Woozworld create your virtual caracter girl or boy choose clothes and hair email included if forget password or username...
Smallworlds must be 13 or over email required adopt a dog or cat have fun for 13 year olds
club penguin for girls or boys have a penguin buy clothes better clothes if your a member on it waddle around and meet new friends chat required for kids 6-16
nicktropplis chat in forums
moshimonsters adopt your own monster get moshlings become a member chat in forums and send messages to each other ;)
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I'm 9 andi think the best ones are barbiegirls, poptropica,ourworld ,and ,moshimonsters.
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I love you can be a fairy and explore differnt places in pixiehollow make friends chat play games and much more but if you want to be a member you buy awsome clothes furniture and a little pet change your hairstyle and heaps more of corse so go on
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Anonymous answered      and    and    and      that is it I oep I helped
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Anonymous answered sure if its fun) have to download first)
I hope I helped
have fun
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Hmmm you can just go to the real world or make your own inside your brain don't waste your time in the internet just go outside and get your own life
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Anonymous answered I have tryed this and I absolutly LOVE it. You go around the world and you help famous people regain there memories. You have to get your pass port first. Wich is hard. So is the rest of the game but not that much. Hope I helped. :)
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Ugh!!!! I'm only 10 and I want to play an online virtual world where you can kiss and get married. Also you can get married to whoever you want. Some1 plz help me!!

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