What impact do you think google glass will have on our lives when they become widely available?


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I can answer this question with 1 word: HUGE.

The impact Google Glass will have on our lives will be massive. The biggest impact, and improvement, that I think it will have is that it will make interacting with our devices a lot more open and 'real'.

At the moment, when we respond to texts/emails/tweets etc, we are huddled over our phones with our heads down. It's like we step into our own private little bubble. What does it do? Cuts us off from the world, restricts interaction and make the entire experience very internal.

Google Glass will change all of that. We'll be walking around, head held high, and in the matter of a few simple words and phrases, will be able to deal with our digital traffic in a much more social, external way.

We'll also probably see a boom in the glasess industry. Sun glassed, reading glasses...I know I'm more likely to buy a pair of glasses, just so I can integrate with Google Glass.

But, I don't think it's a god-given tool, handed down by angels and made out of golden Unicorn s*** (nice, right?).

There is a negative side to Glass, and that's privacy. A lot of people have been discussing this, and I do genuinely think it presents an issue.  Perverts are clearly going to love the anonymity of Glass...and I don't know about you, but I'm not sure I want to video'd by a weirdo on the high street! If they did that on their phone, at least you'd see them doing it. This takes my first, very positive point, and very quickly spins it into a negative.

Yes, Glass will make interacting with our devices more external and open, where we no longer have to withdraw into ourselves to send a message or make a phone call, but at the same time, there will be those who will take advantage of this and abuse our privacy.

Maybe new privacy laws will have to be written. Maybe Glass will have some kind of failsafe against this? Who knows. All I know is that it's the first step in the next evolution of personal devices. Integration with our bodies is the inevitable step for tech, and Glass will be precursor.

My prediction? Glass's impact will be so huge that in less than 10 years, HUD's will be pushing the mobile industry to extinction.

And, yes, you can call me on that on the 18th of April, 2023.

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