Why Are We Vicariously Living Through Our Computers ?


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I'm not sure this is living vicariously.  This is a form of human interaction, and even though we're on a computer, it is just another way to communicate.  All forms of electronic communication require some sort of medium, be it written words on a screen, spoken words on a CD, or a physical presence on a video tape.  The computer is just another device that helps us communicate over long distances with each other. 

It can seem a bit impersonal since we don't always see the person we're talking to, and also because we time shift to when we happen to be online.  But text based communication has an interesting quality in that it frees us from any visual impressions of each other (both good and bad) and let's us understand each other based on what we're saying, rather than how we might look. 

I myself, wouldn't find school children needing help with their homework in my daily life.  But on BlurtIt it's both convenient and fun.  We find people online that we would never meet otherwise.  After all, where else would I find a Bifmeister?

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One reason I see for the ease of living through these infernal machines is the ability to log off or turn it off and whatever problems were there are gone and we have complete control of whether we want to return and face what is going on or just escape for good. A far cry from real life.
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I agree, however I only get on the computer after everything around the house is done, and what time I am on here is the only time I am on the computer... Before blirtit I just checked my mail and got off. It is much easier to make friends online they are not judging you on looks or money.
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I think the computer,and those of us in the computer world have a advance on some, I think it is a way of reaching out and touching others,with whatever feels right at the moment,It should make anyone feel good to be able to inspire and or uplift,share a joke,share something you have learned that could help another,and just be a friendly cyber soul and make these folks your friends,How can you create a problem for someone you don't know? It is real you don't see but you feel the same vibes as in the real world,people do not try to change no matter the setting or surrounding,this is nothing more than a shout pal,just as one would have a pen pal,etc. And still there are some that will attempt to sabotage,people and things they can't see....That is my story and I'm sticking to IT...   

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