What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Computers In Our Lives?


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One big disadvantage is lack of exercise
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One of the most obvious disadvantages to having computers is the abuse of Email. Viruses/Protechtion.Spyware.Autonomous.Sometimes in control.Ect.

On the Email abuse it can go either way, the purpose for Email in it's infancy was to communicate internationally about important information, scientists, researchers, banks, hospitals, etc. The problem is that we see an evolution in the use of Email in which a person cannot take a simple walk outside of his/her house to meet a friend for coffee, rather he/he will send an Email to do the job, "hello, how are you, how's the coffee" As citizens we are becoming more reliant on technology and compartmentalizing ourself to the point were some people just do not make it outside, kids ...that's a whole different issue. Computers created new jobs because we are now inendated with spam(man-made), and viruses.Spyware will sell you what you want before you get to the store.

Just for fun..take a peek at an old but relevant film that is coming of age as I type:. It is call: Colosuss: The Forbin Project.  They create computer machines that can learn. The USA and Russia have them, things go out of control they  learn at increasing rates and then start talking to each other about how they are going to bring peace to the world. An intersting sub plot is the inventer of the American machine is reduced to a love object for the computer. A very plausible reality in this world if not in the next ten or twenty.

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