What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Email?


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Disadvantages of email:
• The sender could send a virus through attachments if the recipient does not scan it. This can be a big risk to any data or software stored on your computer. To prevent this you can have software installed on you computer to eliminate the viruses and block any future viruses from accessing your computer. Such software can be expensive such as ‘Norton antivirus’ although there are free alternatives such as ‘AVG antivirus’. The only difference is the expensive one will provide better security.
• You receive a lot of unwanted email. This could include spam, advertising etc.
• Emails have be time consuming if you are answering difficult questions.
• There can be misunderstanding as there is no tone to what is written; therefore sarcasm etc cannot be understood.
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E-mail marketing’s prolific evil twin is known as spam. According to a 2009 McAfee Threats Report, spam accounts for 92 percent of all e-mails. That’s about 183 million e-mails per day. Why, with all the spam filters and blacklists out there, does spam still exist? According to a spam study by the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of California, San Diego, spam generally gets one response per 12,500,000 e-mails, a response rate of just 0.00001 percent. A recent report has upped the number to 95 percent of e-mail as spam.

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