What Is The Advantages Of Communication Such As Email?


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Email is a very quick method of communication and allows you to interact with friends, family and other contacts as much as you like. You can also email photos, documents and other files to our friends and family to share information and pictures with them. There are limits to the size of the files that you can attach, but it is still a good way of getting photos to your family if they need them.

You do get junk emails and emails that contain viruses but these can be dealt with by filters and virus checkers. Email providers such as Yahoo! scan emails for virus threats before they are sent, and they also clean emails that are infected.

You can also send emails out to more than one recipient, meaning that if you run a business where you employ lots of freelancers or you want to inform all of your friends about an event, then you can send the same email to lots of contacts.
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There are a number of advantages of communications like your interaction with people is increased. It increases your networking and your reference group span is also increased. Communications has shortened the large distances and has made this world a global village. There are various modes of communications and each has its own advantages. As you have given the example of email therefore, I will like to elaborate more on electronic communication. Basically electronic communication like emails provide a very fast speed of transmission and just in a couple of seconds you can deliver your message to any person in any part of the world.

Communication also allows versatility of messages like a fax machine can transmit graphics, artwork, number and anything. You can transfer important documents through emails. It also provides accuracy because of the instant message checking in the electronic circuits. Like the verbal communication, electronic communication also facilitates feedback exchange. Moreover, you can also make email groups through which important notifications can be sent to the people via emails. This practice is widely common in companies.

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I)E-mail is the most modern form of communication.
2)Communication through e-mail is more relaxed.
3)It is informal also.
4)It is cheapest form of communication as today almost every individual has internet connection and thus, he/she gets e-mail facility for free.
5)Users of e-mail can send message to numerous recipients, read and discard message, file and retrieve messages or forward it too.
6)It is fastest as compared to other written means of communication.

1)The person reading it could get the wrong message because you can't express tone just by typing
2)Email isn't essentially private.
3)t's possible to forge email.  
4)Emotions cannot be expressed through e-mails. The recipient doesn't have the advantage of noticing your facial expressions or hearing your tone. Messages might be misinterpreted.
5)One can receive too much or unwanted email.
6)One might not know about the individual with whom you are communicating.
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