How Can Electronic Media Such As Email Improve Communication In Today's Organization?


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Lately, the advances in electronic and digital media have been rapid and impressive. E-Mail and social networking are commonly used in workplaces across the globe. Here is an insight into the world of digital and electronic media within organizations:

  • E-Mail: The Advantages
  • E-Mail: The Disadvantages
  • Social Networking: The Advantages
  • Social Networking: The Disadvantages
E-Mail is seen as revolutionary in the workplace. Messages can be sent quickly and efficiently to multiple recipients. E-Mail is also useful for sending important files and documents in a matter of milliseconds, whether it's to a person in the same room or someone on the other side of the world. With E-Mail it is possible to "Blind Carbon Copy" someone into the E-Mail. This means the recipient will not be able to see who else you have sent the e-mail to. E-mails can be responded to wherever and whenever you like. It saves so much time and hassle and you can even e-mail several different messages in a very short space of time. This would be near impossible with a telephone. E-mailing is fairly environmentally friendly as it saves paper and printing costs.

There are some disadvantages to using E-Mail in the workplace. Spam mail can be sent directly to your inbox. The spam/junk mail can contain dangerous viruses which can wipe out a whole server and cause you to lose all your work. Additionally, it can be difficult to determine tone of voice in an E-Mail, so misunderstandings can occur. However, it is clear that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages for using E-Mail!

Social networking websites such as Linked In, Facebook and Twitter have greatly improved communication in today's businesses. A newspaper, for example, can post regular Tweets on Twitter of the latest new stories. With Linked In and Yammer employees can connect, network and discuss ideas or even grievances in the workplace. Social networking allows everyone to have their fair say and reaches an incredibly large worldwide audience. Social networking builds credibility within a business and can rapidly improve connections.

Some disadvantages of social networking can be that it's addictive. It is hard to stop tweeting on Twitter and updating on Facebook. This leaves precious little time for completing other tasks in the workplace. It is possible for businesses to scam other businesses via fake social networking profiles. The details and information of businesses and employees is readily available, meaning cyber stalking, identify theft and scamming are all possible.

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