How Has The Internet Changed Our Lives?


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The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of our generation, prompting some people to suggest it has ushered in a new revolution as important as the industrial revolution. The Internet has changed the way we communicate with each other, shop and get our information. The influence of the Internet has spread beyond the confines of the online world and has affected every aspect of our lives.
The primary purpose of the Internet is to transmit information. As soon as the Internet came into being information could travel across the world almost instantly. This alone has impacted the practicalities of almost every industry in the world. It has changed the shape of administration and shortened the time it takes for documents to move from one place to another making industry more productive. 
The way we consume information has changed drastically too, news and information can be accessed instantly from anywhere in the world. This not only means that we can get information quicker, but also that traditional information sources like newspapers have been forced to adapt to a new role by adding context rather than news.
One of the biggest impacts that the Internet has had is on the communication between normal citizens. Anybody can post something on the Internet that will can be seen by anyone else, it has essentially democratised mass communication. Websites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter have revolutionised the way we organise our social lives, while websites like Youtube have and iPlayer have changed the shape of our entertainment. 
Media piracy and social media have changed our legal systems making so called super injunctions almost pointless and intellectual property laws seem equally toothless. People can download music, videos and computer programs without paying for them, and information can be published with minimal risk of incrimination.
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The internet has made such a huge impact on society that people can't remember how it was to work without it. Nothing has had such a great impact on the people throughout the world. The internet now is so popular it has touched every aspect of our life, changing how we keep in touch, share information, conduct business and even earning an income.

With the help of the internet we can now communicate with each other almost instantly anywhere in the world. We no longer have to depend on our snail mails and wait for days to communicate to our friends and relatives.

Instant messaging technologies have revolutionized casual conversation, the way young people communicate. This has become so popular that a new code language comprising of emoticons and acronyms has emerged.

Now we don't have to spend hours looking for information in our libraries, the information is available to us anytime with just one click of the mouse. Instant access to information has really empowered all of us.

Almost all businesses now use the internet to communicate to its customers. The retailers do not take it as a threat but see it as an opportunity to reach its global customers. From the consumers point of view he can now easily compare prices and features of a product before deciding on to purchase it.

Banking transactions can be done at any time throughout the day. He no longer has to wait for the bank to open or stand in queues.

The internet has also made it possible to earn one's income from the comfort of his home. The number of SOHO (small office home office) businesses everywhere has gone up significantly.
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Internet has changed people's lives drastically. Internet today has made life faster and work shorter. Emails can be sent across the globe in just a minute, where as earlier one had to send a letter which would take days and even months depending on the destination.

In this fast paced world, life is all about working, time for shopping is absorbed by work and so buying stuff online has made just made one's shopping simpler. Today one can buy anything from books, to clothes, to houses, to even property online. Even in terms of general information over a particular topic could be much easier with the help of internet.

Today one does not have to meet a library in search for particular information; instead one can just browse through the web. All that you need under the sky is all available online, infact it's just a click away.
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For most of people, I think the answer is big YES. It makes life much easier, as mentioned by others, using internet can make communication easier, cheaper and fast. Besides that, we can access massive information from all over the world in a second, which helps us to learn and give a us a bigger view. But it also has negative sides, for example, annoying spam. But if you use properly, I think it will improve your life!
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In almost
everything we do, we use internet. It changes our life totally if we want to
buy anything we prefer internet or if we wanted to keep up with the news, we do
not have to go for the newspaper we can get all on internet. It keeps us up to

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Internet has augmented into our lives, not as a luxury anymore but perhaps as a new paradigm for sharing and exchanging information, remotely being in touch with your contacts and people virtually over a vast network of consciousness. It is perhaps a step forward towards developing a singular human consciousness that has been described by several social scientists and science fiction writers. It has changed the whole way we used to conduct businesses and researches. Some of the uses are :

1) For conducting businesses, shopping, getting access to auctions. Doing business on the internet helps avoid expensive overheads.
2) It gives an equal opportunity to smaller business concerns to compete with the giant sharks and bigger businesses.
3) For conducting research, both professionally and for school going children. It opens a whole vista of digital libraries and vast stores of information.
4) For meeting new people, creating lasting friendships and generally for leisure as well.
5) To access vast stores of information and entertainment on a single platform, be it playing multiplayer games or streaming movies, or even listening to music internet provides everything for all and sundry turning your home into a multimedia entertainment system.
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The Internet has turned our existence upside down. It has revolutionized communications, to the extent that it is now our preferred medium of everyday communication. In almost everything we do, we use the Internet. Ordering a pizza, buying a television, sharing a moment with a friend, sending a picture over instant messaging. Before the Internet, if you wanted to keep up with the news, you had to walk down to the newsstand when it opened in the morning and buy a local edition reporting what had happened the previous day. And you can earn money being at home:

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The internet is one of the most important aspects of the
present time. It has changed our lives in different ways that are both good and
bad. Children mostly spend their time on the internet rather than on
socialising with their peers. However, it is easier to connect to friends who
stay in other countries. Also, solutions for almost every problem can be found
within minutes.

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Yes the computer has improved our life. You can do so many things on the computer easier and faster. You can speak, email, watch videos, do homework and many more things. A lot of people will not now what to do with out a computer.
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I have access to products and information from all over the world. I can send pictures to and get updates from family and friends all over the world. I can complete tasks in seconds that would take a week by mail. I can store huge amounts of information for myself or share it with everyone.

In the last week, I've bought clothes, business cards, and curtains without ever leaving my desk. I can buy from a small business that I would never be exposed to otherwise, which helps them be successful, all because of a website.
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The internet has changed the human civilization as we know it. I am not going to write any further, because otherwise, I will never stop writing the answer to this question.
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