What Things Can Happen To Your Computer?


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Well funny you should mention that,this week my computer died right in the middle of deleting trash e-mails. Could not figure out why,so my brother the computer wizard took it apart and found that the heat sink fan on the mother board had apparently by static charge collected what looked to be horse hair fibers from a carpet pad,basically overheating the circuit board. The good thing is the motherboard by ati had a built in sort of breaker to prevent the board from frying all the way. And I guess these boards also use a heat sink thermal gel to transmit the heat away from the board to through the heat sink,which he replaced and as you can tell I am using the computer with no ... Problems. : ). I can't believe these motherboards cost 2/3rd(350-400 dollars) of the total price for a new computer though,that's just insane.anywaaaaaay that is what can happen to your puter even when you think your making sure to take care of it. : ). I found out they even make a type of radiator(with liquid coolant for computers to keep them from overheating).the coolant never comes in contact with any electricity or circutry so they are suppose to be perfectly safe and make your tower last longer so you are not spending 300-400 dollars a pop for new graphics cards/mother boards. Which I thought was a great idea. Blah blah menas I could go n but you get the idea.
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The main thing that is guaranteed to happen to your computer is that it will be out of date practically before you have finished setting it up to work. The advances in technology are moving so fast, it seems as if we might just as well use the computers in the factory rather than go to all the trouble of buying them and carting them home.
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I'm thinking your spectrum for answers is a little too broad for anyone to accurately answer. Maybe try refining your question.
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You need to clarify first about which computer you are talking.
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My dad taught me that they can be broken in half if he thinks you're drinking his beer...
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There are many things that can happen to a computer, for example it could crash or get a virus. Things like these can be very annoying unless you have backup copies of your data because it may have deleted all of your data on your computer. The best person to see, if something does happen to your computer, is a computer technician or someone in a computer shop.
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I think the biggest risk is hard drive failure. I've owned a lot of computers over the year and that's the #1 problem that I've seen when a computer starts getting old.

Just make sure you're regularly backing up your hard drive - if you have another one at home (external), then that should help or you can always use a backup service like mozy.
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As useful, comfortable and enjoyable as it can be to enjoy a PC in any location you choose, transporting laptops can lead to nasty accidents such as droppages which can prove to be an expensive error. Make sure a laptop is insured against such mishaps.
Dead pixels
There might hundreds of thousands of pixels which can fit on a screen these days but if one dies that it can still prove to be frustratingly distracting. Fortunately, some clever LCD software has managed to fix this annoying problem.
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Anything I mean your computer can get infected by virus. It can get crash. Your power lead can get faulty. You processor fan can broke. There are number of things that can happen wrong with your PC.

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