What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Computer ?


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This is a rather broad question that can produce a range of advantages and disadvantages based on the type of computer you may want to have. For example a desktop computer will have certain advantages over a laptop and vice versa. In general terms, there are a few advantages and disadvantages listed below.


-     Computers have made it easier for us to communicate on a global scale, though the internet has also had a helping hand with this.
-     We are able to produce documents with ease because of computers. On typewriters, as a comparison, one would either need whiteout or to go back and type over a mistaken letter or grammar issue. Thus, it is easier to correct typed documents.
-     Documents can also be scanned into computers for editing in various programmes.
-     We can edit photos, videos, and much more with a computer.
-     Calculators, calendars, and plenty of other software exist to make computers a necessary part of everyday life.
-     In essence the main advantage is how easy computers have made life.


-     There are certain things upcoming generations are not learning as well because of computers.
-     For example, computers in a place of business have negated the need for counting back money. When the computer is down those who do not know how to calculate totals in their mind are at a loss.
-     We seem to spend more time indoors on computers rather than getting exercise given the games, software, and communication aspects computers provide.
-     Computers are set up with a certain "shelf life" meaning they need replacement and many versions are already obsolete the minute we buy them.
-     They are also quite costly.

The list could continue for both advantages and disadvantages, but these are some of the main ones.
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- quick retrieval of information
- able to communicate easily through the use of internet
- able to store large amounts of data in different forms
- useful applications such as word doc, excel and powerpoint  reduces time
- reduces the cost and use of paper (such as emails being used rather then sending letters or memos)
- good form of entertainment

- having to keep up to date with changing technology
- having to learn the different functions of the applications and the computer
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Advantages and disadvantages of a computer are the positive and negative effects of a computer.E.g.

1.computers can sort and compare information.
2.computers can serve many people at the same time.
1.health problems.
2.computer crime.
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Computer is a modern day machine. It has both its advantages and disadvantages.

With the help of computer, large amounts of data can be processed quickly. This would help the efficiency of work and its quality. With internet, we can also access information quickly and easily, and it also allows faster communication.

The disadvantages of the computer also exists in the matter of widespread access of internet. With internet, online crimes can be commited. Underage people are also able to view adults only websites. Another disadvantage of computer is that it's bad for eyes and general health.
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The advantages of using computers is that it provides information on a wide area, meaning answers are based generally and are broad. Computers also make work effective, fast and easier for people and there is less human effort required whereas the disadvantages are that it is possible to cause damage to the eyesight, is also costly to possess for some families and can also give false information at times.
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There are lot of advantages and disadvantages of of using computer

by using computer we have seen some unfair mean and it also weaks  our eye side

and by using computer we get lot of information entertainment and lots of much
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People are becoming too dependant on them. The spell check faster than you can look in the dictionary, you can get info so rapidly that trip to your local library rarely happens. So, students don't learn these skills anymore. Even penmanship suffers. But the computer has a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. It has the ability to connect people around the world, make errands that you use to do in person a thing of the past.( paying bills,shopping and cost of postage). I believe its a double edged sword.
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There are a few concerns to add. It may be a disadvantage to depend upon a technology which depends so heavily upon electricity. For example, lawyers had law libraries and now depend upon the internet for their information. Consider what happens when there is a power outage. Also, consider the influx of information that people are exposed to in 2008, it's changing us. We are becoming more automated, e.g. Using voice mail; we are communicating in briefer language, e.g. Texting messages; we are taking in more information whether it be in noise/sound, visuals or in other sensory formats. Our bodies don't get to rest like they used to. We used to define how progressed we've become by how many toilets we have in our house; now we define it by how many computer chips we have in our house. But, it hasn't created harmony or peace in our lives. Instead the pace has quickened and although we may have more information, we aren't necessarily any smarter. We are dependent on these machines in knee-jerk reaction ways; click this button - yes or no. We've been trained to accept these ways without thinking of our wants, our needs or our options and it has limited us. Also, there is a lot of misinformation being shared along with information; it's all shared as truth without discernment. People who have been taught to trust whatever they read can be easily misled.
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If there are various advantages of computers then there are disadvantages as well. The major impact of computer technology is on teenagers. Their life standards have changed dramatically because of the technology. They spend more time on internet and give less time to their families. Computers have made them lazy and they want to play computer games instead of playing some physical games. Computer has also increased the plagiarism because every information is accessible over the internet. Computers have also created the issue of the adulthood. The reason is the access of immature children to the pornography material. Internet technology is becoming very important in all fields of life and computer is contributing in this. As a result the cyber crimes have increased. There are a number of disadvantages of computers which are directly linked with internet but above mentioned are the disadvantages of computers only.

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