What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Laptop And Desktop?


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Advantages of Laptop
- Easy to transport to and from school.
- Takes up little dorm space or desk space.
- Can be carried to class or library for note-taking, study, etc.
- If wireless network is available, adding a wireless card provides easy access to college network and Internet in many locations on campus. Newer notebook computers may have built-in wireless networking ability.
- Can be brought home during weekend or holiday visits.
- Can be shipped to manufacturer or taken to dealer for service
Disadvantages of Laptop
Much more easily stolen, particularly if carried around campus.
- More easily dropped or broken.
- Somewhat more prone to failure than stationary desktop computers of comparable quality.
- Significantly more expensive for comparable speed and capacity.
- Limited expansion and add-on capabilities.
Advantages of desktop
Best value: Typically, more speed, memory, and storage for a lower price.
- Relatively difficult to steal.
- Lower probability of failure for comparable quality machine vs. Notebook.
- Relatively easy to expand or modify as needs change.
- Less costly expansion products such as large hard drives, additional memory, and special purpose cards.
- Flat screen LCD monitors are now reasonably priced, reducing desk space requirements and making storage/shipping easier
Disadvantages of desktop
Space-consuming and awkward to move to and from school.
- Takes up valuable real estate in cramped dorm rooms
- Can't be carried to library or classes.
- Difficult to ship if repair/replacement is needed.
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Advantages Of A Laptop:

Save Your Essays Or Work, If You're A Student In High School Or You're An Adult In University.

Can Download Videos, Emails, And Download Microsoft Powerpoint, Word And Many Others.


Takes Long To Download Or To Refresh The Laptop

Requires Updates Which Makes The Laptop Slower.

-Rabiah Mohammad

Student In Year Seven

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