What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Laptop?


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They're great,but also fragile. They might get damaged if they fall.
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Smaller screen, battery life, poor speakers...

Hannah Moody
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I have a regular tower cpu at work, and a laptop at home. I love my laptop! One of the things I would suggest though while using a laptop is to get a cooling pad/tray. When I first got my laptop, I didn't realize just how hot the under side of it would get while sitting on my lap or table top. I had red marks (not a burn - but pretty close) on my legs for a couple hours. I went to a store and asked one of the tech there what I could do about the heat. The suggested the cooling tray and it works fabulously with it. Keeps the laptop cool to function without any side effects, and my actual lap is saved from the heat too! :)

I have not had any issues with my laptop - though I did take it in to have more memory installed. That was something I'm not used to as I used to pull apart my old computer at home apart all the time to install memory, new cards, etc.

Battery life of a charge for mine is only just shy of 3 hours before I need to recharge. The battery is still in great shape and I haven't had to replace that as of yet. I'm not exactly sure on the life span on batteries - but had a friend that had to send hers back because her battery died and wouldn't hold a charge.

The mouse that is built is might take awhile to get use to, but once you deal with it enough it's not an issue. Personally I have a small usb mouse for a laptop that I prefer to use while I'm at home with it, but if I take it on the road with me I use the built in one.

I'm sure someone else will have a more tech side of advantages & disadvantages answer for you! Good luck though in your search!

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