What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Wireless Network?


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Wireless networks are great in the way that you have the freedom to use the internet from any room in your house, meaning that if you use the internet for freelance work, you don't have to be situated in one room all the time. Having a wireless network also means that more than one person in your household can use the internet at the same time, so that you aren't fighting over one computer!

The disadvantages are that despite the fact that some routers cover a wide area, it doesn't always work that way. and it can e etremely difficult to get a decent signal. Therefore, if you are using the internet from upstairs then position the router high up in order to get a better signal. Also, your network will be available to other people who are using a router, so they could use your network to access the internet at any time, so you will need to set up a security password in order to prevent this.
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Following are the advnatages and disadvantages of Wireless Network :-

Advantages :-

Wireless networks are cheaper in comparison of wired networks.

Wireless networks are versatile and mobile

Wireless networks are adaptive and cost effective.

Extremly easy to add other components like printer.


1. Wireless networks has limited bandwidth and therefore quite unreliable.

2. Lower speed compared to wired network.

3. Wireless networks are extremely susceptible to interference so radio signals, radiation and any other similar type of interference may cause a wireless network to malfunction.

4. Wireless networks can be accessed by any computer within range of the network's signal so information transmitted through the network.

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Though there are pros to wireless networks, I prefer using wired ones, at least at home. I know that there also might be issues, I've recently noticed that my Internet speed was low. But everything can be solved. Having asked Google, I easily found the solution here It has to be noted, that you should take into account your location and your provider speed when choosing the kind of network.

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Advantages and disadvantages between wireless communication and wire based medias
please tell me the answer for question now
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Well when playing call of duty over a wireless network it can cause lagg, and can be very slow compared to a lan connection. With a lan connection it may cause no lagg to the game. Lagg can come in many forms, such as bullet lagg and movement lagg. You do not want to get any of these so make sure you do not have sket-net, and a good internet provider :).
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Some players blame lagg for there lack of skill when really they are very crap at the game. I have experienced this occurance of this excuse my self from aidan long blameing the lagg for his very poor performance. His gamer tag is baby aidzz he plays on ps3 so watch out for this player as he has also hacked his way to the 10th prestige on cod mw2. This player will try to give you the excuse of lagg but do not listen, he is just purely a crap player and a discrase to the gameing community.
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Oh ye ive experienced this too my fellow friend, that excuse just doesnt provide a valid excuse for being crap at the game :/. Thanks, this advice helped me very muchly (Y) :)

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