What Are Some Disadvantages Of Nanotechnology?


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Nanotechnology involves engineering and reengineering at the molecular level so it can be used in a variety of tasks and controlling matter at the very basic level. Some of its disadvantages are that:

  • The engineered robots will perform jobs instead of people which will result in a loss of jobs.

  • The wastes released while making the materials for nano technology are released into the atmosphere and can even penetarte human and animal cells and effect their performance.

  • Agricultural countries will lose their income as nanotechnology will take over.

  • It has very high initial investment costs along with high manufacturing costs.

  • If any damage is done at the molecular level then it is not possible to revert it.
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Some of the disadvantages of nanotechnology are;

Global monetary crisis, loss of jobs, oil becomes worthless, diamonds become worthless, atomic weapons more destructive and accessible. In relation to health problems, it is so minute that its existence in the hand is much unnoticed. The risk of inhaling this could be very dangerous, due to which it can be a cause of death.

The medical advantages are change of body appearance, stops aging process, immortality, painless child births, and universal immunity like aids, flu and end of sickness.

The industrial advantages are automatic pollution cleanup, expanding computer technology by making it faster and smaller in size. The social advantages include, reproducing extinct animals and plants, safe and space travel, higher education, molecular food synthesis, to mention a few.
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Why will oil become worthless if there will be nanotechnology??
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why will oil become worthless if there will be nanotechnology
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Nano technology  which is used to refer to the science, engineering and technology that is conducted at a small scale. Though there are advantages in nano technology there are some disadvantages.

One of the major disadvantage is unemployment.Because the increase in machinery decreases human labour in farming and industries.

Highly expensive and costs a lot of money

The production of atomic weapons posing as a threat to society.

Another issue with nanotechnology is that since the particles of nanotechnology are very minute, problems can crop up from the inhalation of these particles.


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Nanotechnology contains certain severe social implications. Nanotechnological goods might substitute natural substances. Farmers and factory workforce whose living depends upon the production and supply of these natural substances will face problems. Nanotechnology will thus cause people losing their source of earnings. Agricultural countries will have to suffer from economic losses if nanomaterials manufactured in developed countries start replacing their agricultural goods.
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How is "Oil becoming worthless" a bad thing? That's not a bad thing at all. Countries will be freed from the clutches of the filthy OPEC.
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In my opinion nanotechnology can be very profitable if used properly and weighted the consequences. For example if nanotechnology in the future would be able to prevent or perhaps extinct diseases from earth wouldnt that cause overpopulation? Overpopulation later on could lead us to a disastrous war over resources that sustain life. Before making any conclusions we must consider all the aspects of nanotechnology.
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Hmm, I believe this is a win lose situation.
We should use some nanotechnogloly.
And leave some back to the good old days.

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