What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Manual System?


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• It is much time consuming.
• Often the books are lost and the librarian is not aware of this.
• No proper records for the workers, members and books transaction.
• If manual record book is lost data will be completely lost.
• Lots of Manual labour is required for record keeping.
• The workers especially sweepers and security guards are often absent and take the salary for the whole month without accountability of their attendance.
• Many a times duplication occurs as workers are find it hard to keep track in the bundles of registers.
• Data is stored in filling cabinets and can get in the wrong hands and can be used against the company.
• Data is not always reliable as it is hand written and some human errors might have occurred example wrong telephone number ECT.
• Retrieval of data is very slow as it has to be searched it has to be searched in lots of registers and this waste lots of time.
• Mostly data is kept on registers and these are stored in filling cabinets and this consumes a lot of space.

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