What Are The Advantages Of Computer-Based Information Systems Over Manual Information Systems?


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There are many advantages to computer-based information systems, the most notable of which are the following:

  • The superior speed with which data can be accessed
  • The additional confidentiality afforded by techniques such as encryption
  • Data redundancy
  • The reduction in space needed to store information.

Access Speeds
A computer-based system can sort, store and retrieve data much more quickly. Powerful tools allow data to be queried quickly, which makes it easier to find individuals by non-primary identifiers, such as address or phone number, for example. 


Files within a computer-based information system can be password-protected and encrypted, so that only authorised users can access the data. Manual information systems rely upon physical locks and keys to control access.

Within a manual system, it's difficult to monitor and audit those who have access to data. It also fails to allow the separation of privileges which a computer system can provide, for example by allowing some users to both read and write data, whilst preventing others from making modifications.

Audit Trail
It's almost impossible to track changes and additions to a manual system without yet more bulky paperwork, and management layers to oversee this additional record-keeping. Computer systems can record which user accessed which data, at what time, as well as any modifications that were made.

Space Needed and Availability of Data
Filing cabinets are bulky, and even a modest system could easily expand to fill a room. Whereas computer systems automatically sort data, manual systems require continual maintenance in order to retain their integrity, otherwise the system can fall to pieces very quickly.

Additionally, in a manual system, data held in one location is not instantly available anywhere else. A phone call will have to be made to the data store to request the information, and then the relevant files will need to be located and a faxed copy sent back across.

Computer data is easy to copy, and therefore backup copies can be maintained. A manual system contains only one copy of each piece of data, unless an expensive duplication routine is followed.

Backups can also be kept off-site, to mitigate the risk that destruction of the main data store could result in complete data loss.
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A computer-based system is quicker, stores more data, takes less space and is up-to date.
A manual system takes lots of space and it's harder to find what you're looking for.
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A computer-based information system is much faster and better then a manual information system.
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Faster, more reliable and it saves resources.

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