What Are The Types Of Information Systems And What Are The Characteristics Of These Information Systems?


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Information technology's application in agriculture
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Explain the following types of Information characteristics:
2. Accessibility
3. Flexibility
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There are five levels of information systems which serves the business enterprises on different levels. These systems include executive support system, decision support systems, management information systems, knowledge work systems, office systems and transaction processing systems. In transaction processing system, we have a integrated system who is serving the organization at operational level. It is a computerized system which process and records the ongoing transactions generally routine task in the business.

In knowledge work systems the user just enters the input to the computer system and the intelligent processing system display output after processing the information. This is useful for technical people in the organization. The third one is management information systems. In this type of information system usually very large volume of data is entered as input and the system process it and gives output in the form of simple summary. This system is very useful for the managers. The example of this system is annual budgeting in the organizations. The next level is decision support system it is very useful system that is used for the analysis of data and input. The data required for this system is in low volume and it is used by the professionals.

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