What Are The Types Of Information Computing Models?


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The most prominent information computing model is the Common Information Model, or CIM. This kind of information computing model is an open standard model that is able to effectively define how managed elements within an IT and computing environment are represented as one common 'set of objects'. It is also able to effectively explain the relationships between them. It is used and it is intended to be able to allow consistent management of these particular managed elements, more particularly, independent of either their provider or manufacturer.

One other way that you could describe the Common Information Model is to explain that it's able to allow a number of different parties to exchange their management information that are concerned with these managed elements. However, this definition falls short, as it doesn't explain that the Common Information Model doesn't just represent the managed elements and management information, but it's also able to effectively represent a means to actively control, and manage, the elements in questions. By putting a common model of information in place, management software can actually be written once and then work with a number of implementations of the common model without any complicated and expensive conversion operations, or loss of data and information.

As mentioned, the Common Information Model is just one model, and it is defined and published by the Distributed Management Task Force, or the DMTF. There is a related standard, too, that is known as Web-Based Enterprise Management, or WBEM which is also defined by DMTF. The Web-Based Enterprise Management is able to define a particular implementation of the Common Information Model, including all the protocols required for discovering and accessing Common Information Model implementations. For more information, go to Wikipedia and search for the Common Information Model. There is an extensive article available for you to read.

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