What Are The Four Types Of Computer?


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There are actually only three types of computers currently. The first one is called analog. The second one is named digital and finally the third type of computer is called hybrid.

An analog computer is best described as a machine that can deal with a tremendous amount of mathematical calculations and can also handle infinite fraction values. An analog computer can also handle a range of tasks which can be done at the same time. Physical materials that this computer can deal with include measurements such as voltage, temperature and speed.

An analog computer can even deal with irrational numbers and can understand and translate numbers that have a number of infinite endings including pi. However as far as a digital computer is concerned, it can only handle one task unlike an analog computer and is constructed using a careful binary code which has only two numbers - 0 and 1.

These types of computers can also be classified as general computers which we see the likes of today and can store files, date and numerous reports.

The hybrid computer is generally described as taking the best bits from both the analog and digital computers. You will find hybrid computers in places where it needs special technical use such as hospitals.

Hybrid computers also handle equations just as easily as an analog computer. A hybrid computer also makes it possible to obtain faster solutions to equations.

This is because it is much more detailed and combines the speedy, efficient results of an analog computer together with a digital device that offers exact responses.

Yet you will be hard pressed to find any hybrid computers in existence and they are notoriously hard to get hold of.
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SUPERCOMPUTERS----powerful used for researches
MAINFRAME----powerful and many processors and used in banks,aircraft,police.
MINICOMPUTERS----less powerful than main frame and perform the same tasks
MICROCOMPUTER E.G LAPTOP,PC,PDA----small in size used in schools, colleges companies.
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There are four types of computer. I.e, (1) Micro Computer (2) Mini Computer (3) Mainframe Computer (4) Super Computer
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Computers are of four types.They are :-

1.micro computers computers

3.main frames

4.super computers
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COMPUTER TYPES: Once there was time when computers where physically two big and where placed in whole building but as time passed there are many revolutions in this field and computers gets Compaq in size. Following are some of the types of computers.

(1)Main Frame computers: The main frame computers are very large in size and also very difficult to operate a layman can't handle main frame computers these computers are specially designed for heavy processing because it can process millions of tasks in the matter of milliseconds. This kind of system is usually purchased by the large organization.

(2)Micro computers: The most commonly used computers in today's world are micro computers which you find in schools, offices, and homes etc, these computers are normally known as PC (personal computers) or desktop computers, PDAs (personal digital assistants) notebook computers, Laptops, Palmtops etc are some of its other types. These computers called micro because of its small size and used for daily routine work, these computers are not designed for heavy processing.

(3)Mini computers: This computer category is superior to micro computers and less in power from mainframe computers but and can handle handsome amount of processes at compatible speed.

(4)Embedded computers: The very important category of computers which are generally used in industries for automated work. They have most complicated type of Artificial Intelligence programming that controls different processes the ATM (automated teller machines) is one of the simple example of embedded computers.

(5)Portable Data Entry terminals: In short this category is known as PDETs which stores data from main frame computers to which they are linked and they are physically away from there source e.g. Magnetic Stripe readers, scanners, optical character recognition etc.
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In computer, Memory is a physical storage to store information. Stored information can be volatile or non volatile. Volatile like main memory (once you switch off the computer all contents of main memory is automatically erased) while in non volatile memory contents remains after switching off the computer.
There are two types of memory as discuss above volatile and non volatile.
Other then these are cache memory,register and virtual etc..
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There are four types of computer as is Personal computer,Main frame computers, minicomputer, super computer.
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The major three types of the computers are:
1. Digital Computers
2. Analog Computers
3. Hybrid Computers.
Digital computers process on the basis of binary digits, zero and one whiler analog computers work on the basis of signals. On the other hand, the hybrid computer is combination of digital and analog computers.
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There are three types of memory on computers .they are ROM read only memory and RAM random access memory and storage devises.ROM is connected to motherboard and will be used for small programs to run the computer where as RAM is used for running the OS and other programs installed in the system.

Storage device refers to the floppy drives,CD's,and any kind of external memory.
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Following are the 4 type of computer

3-mainframe computer
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Computer memory is the part of the system used to store data and programmes, either permanently or temporarily. There are two main types: immediate access memory and backing storage. The memory volume is measured in bytes, or kilobytes which are units of 1,024 bytes, or megabytes which contain 1,024 kilobytes.
Immediate access memory or internal memory describes memory locations which can be accessed readily by the central processing unit. It is either read only which is stored in ROM, PROM or EPROM chips, or read/write which is stored in RAM chips.
Read only memory is data that needs to be constantly available and is unlikely to need changing. It is non volatile ie. it is not lost when the computer is switched off. Read/write data is volatile and is lost when the computer is switched off.
Backing storage or external memory is non volatile memory held outside the central processing unit. It is used to store programmes and data that are not currently being used.
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PC : Personal Computers

Mainframe : Computers with large Hard Drives, lots of Memory
(RAM), multiple CPU running together, does lots of computing depending
upon the speed of processors used and memory used.

Super Computer : A computer with lots of processors, ALUs,
Memory (RAM), etc. Usually in scientific research work. Capability of
14,000 micro computers.

Laptop : Compact, portable version of a PC. Usually in a notebook shape.

Micro Computer : A very small computer, usually used in cameras.

PDA : Personal Digital Assistant or Palmtop

Analog : Old, out dated computers. They calculate physical Quantities. Eg. Ammeter, voltage meter, etc.

Digital : They use binary digits for processing. Eg. PC

Hybrid : They comprise the best of capabilities of digital and analog computers.

pc dektops laptops plamstop workstation sever main computer mini fram super wearable

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Home level computers (Both Desktop & Laptops)

Business level systems 

Gaming and Stereo Systems

Server and workstations

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1. Home level is Called PC / Personal computer.

2. Business Level.

3. Multimedia and Gaming PC.

4. WebHosting System.

5. Server Level.

6. Workstations. Etc.

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