What Are The Four Types Of Modern Computer?


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If a machine or gadget has a microprocessor inside of it, it is a computer. There are four types of computers - these are known as minicomputers, microcomputers, supercomputers, and mainframes.

The names for some of the computer types are based on the size of the physical unit itself. A tiny computer will be a microcomputer...a bigger (but still small) computer will be a minicomputer. A supercomputer will be custom-built; however, it can have any size, including small, medium or large. A mainframe computer will be massive, both in size and weight.

Today, computers come in shapes and sizes - computers are phones, cameras, wristwatches, GPS systems, and heart rate monitors. Computers are also sold in traditional laptop and "tower" configurations. Most types of computers are available at big retail outlets - however, supercomputers and mainframe units may not be available from typical retail stores. Online virtual stores have made it possible for home shoppers to customize their own "supercomputers" by choosing all of the features they want from a simple drop-down menu. More memory can be added, as well as CD burners and other fun and practical features. Some people prefer to buy a tower and fill it with components they find locally - then, they assemble the computer by hand to save money and get the features and power they want.

If you're interested in the history of computers and the types of computers that have been made through the generations, you may want to pick up a book on the origins of modern computers. Classes in computer science will also be great ways to learn more about the four types of modern computers. There may also be plenty of online tutorials and Youtube videos based on the four types of computers - these resources may include color photographs and videos of microcomputers, minicomputers, supercomputers, and mainframes.

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