Can Anyone Explain The Types Of Computers On The Basis Of Configuration?


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Nowadays we can observe computers anywhere because computers are gradually becoming the important part of our life. Modern computers are different in form and in speed of execution from one another. On the basis of configuration we classify our computer into 4 category; Mainframe Computer, Mini Computer, Micro Computer and Super Computer. Mainframe computer are large and expensive machine and work as a main computer. Through a telephone cables number of computer placed in different cities are attached with Mainframe computer which is placed in main building.

It computes five million or more instructions per second and serves hundreds of users simultaneously. These computers are mainly used in banks, educational institutions, financial institution and large organization like Airlines and Automatic research centers. Mini computers were introduced in 1960. Most of the earliest mini computers were used for scientific and engineering applications. Mini computers are general purpose computers. They are smaller in size and less expensive than mainframe computers. From 10 to 200 users may use this computer simultaneously. Micro computer system is a full-fledge computer system and uses the microprocessor in its CPU. It is used by only single person. Super computers works extraordinary high speed and their results are 100% accurate and can process data in Pico seconds.
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