Can Anyone Explain The Types Of Computers On The Basis Of Construction?


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On the basis of construction we classify our computer into 3 sections; Digital computer, Analog computers and Hybrid computers.

A Computer is an electronic device so there are only two states of current ON and OFF so digital computers have two stated one is ON and OFF representing 1 and 0 respectively. So digital computer can be distinguished by two values. Digital computers are digital watches, digital calculator, Digital scales etc. the Analog computers works on the basis of signals. Analog computer measures Physical values which constantly changes.

Thermometer is Analog computer. Other examples of Analog computes are processor used in petrol pumps, speedometer of car etc. The last category is hybrid computers. Hybrid Computer is combination of Digital and Analog. These computers are used in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of hospital. In Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Analog devices are used to measure patient's blood pressure, temperature and other analog information related to patient history. After taking all measurements, these measurements are converted from analog to digital and then these measurements come into digital component. These measurements taken from the computer indicate the patient vital symptoms. Hybrid computers are also used for sending signals into the computers in doctor's room keep the doctor informed about patient condition.

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