Can Anyone Tell Me The Different Types Of Computers Used In A Medical Office?


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Diagnostic Tests

Doctor and Patient Research

Patient Monitoring


Storing Information

Surgical Procedures.

Computer is playing very important role in medical fields. Nearly every area of the medical field uses computers. They are helping the doctors to diagnose diseases and for many other purposes.

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These days, virtually anything with an on/off switch has a computer in it. In a medical office, the list would include
  • telephone
  • credit-card processing machine
  • copy machine
  • appointment computer*
  • billing/payment computer*
  • electronic medical records*
  • x-ray machines
  • any of various lab analyzers
  • possibly, weight, blood pressure, and temperature measuring devices (many medical offices use "old-fashioned" (inexpensive, accurate, effective, non-electronic) ways of making these measurements)
  • ultrasound machines (have several computers, usually)
  • anything that makes an image or recording of any kind
  • treadmills
  • microwave oven
  • refrigerator
  • television
  • patient information displays or electronic picture frames
  • hard drive storage media
  • network routers and hubs
  • cell phones
  • pacemakers
* the office computers used for appointments, billing, and (perhaps) medical records are probably a more or less standard "personal computer" (PC). Most of the others are various "embedded" computers and/or microcontrollers, often with a wide range of computing power.

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