What Are 3 Types Of Technology?


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The term technology covers a whole spectrum of areas, many of which ultimately overlap. Broadly speaking, technology covers anything that exists to assist in making life easier, whether this is in a material or immaterial way.

In other words, technology can refer to both physical applications, such as tools or machinery, and virtual applications, such as business methods or computer software, for instance. It is possible to to split technology into three main fields, namely science, or theoretical, technology, physical technology and information technology.

  • Science or Theoretical Technology
This involves all sciences and is all about the processes underlying and leading to all other forms of technology. In addition, it is used to describe a combination of techniques, or skills and processes involved in the pursuit of a particular goal or purpose. It could therefore be regarded as process technology.

  • Physical Technology
Physical technology describes all tools, machinery and gadgets used both within industry and by consumers. This includes anything from a simple hammer or the hardware within a computer to highly sophisticated machinery used in industry, medical settings, aviation, research of all types etc. It also covers transport, environmental and assisting technologies. Its main concern lies within the physical tools used to assist in performing an action or achieving a specific purpose.

  • Information Technology
This type of technology has evolved out of a combination of science and physical technologies. Specific areas within information technology are, for instance, communications technology; computer technology, or to be more specific, computer software and educational technology. The main concern of information technology is to create, store and transmit information from one individual or group to another, often over great distances.

There are many different views regarding types of technology, and definitions are likely to vary, but hopefully this post will be of some help.
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  • Instant Messaging. ...
  • Social Networking. ...
  • Tweeting.
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I think its process,tools,and gadget
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I am not sure but according to our high school teacher its tools, products and processes
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Entertainment (ie : Sports, music, etc..) transportation (ie : Cars, planes etc...) and communication (e-mail, msn, texting etc..)
technically technology is anything man made to help make everyday life easier

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