What Are The Different Classification Of Technology?


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Technology is categorized, or classified, in terms of three different generations; these are defined as:

1. First generation
2. Second generation
3. Third generation
4. Fourth generation

In the first generation, technology has limited usages, and it is riddled with little glitches and problems. In the second generation, technology is refined, since customers have voiced their concerns about bugs and other issues; however, the tech itself still has limited usage. In the third generation, the product's release becomes more widespread, because most problems are now eliminated, and it is safe to sell the tech item on a wider scale.

During the third generation phase, the product is sold until it begins to become obsolete; in today's fast-moving tech word, third-generation products may quickly lose their edge, as newer, better tech products appear on store shelves. Technology experts and executives anticipate this downfall in sales as being part of the natural cycle of selling technology products; these always have an exit plan, where production is ceased and replaced with a newer, better item that is more technologically advanced. Then, the whole cycle starts again...

Companies such as Apple are making billions by marketing tech products that fulfill the needs of consumers. However, they too are subject to the "laws" of the generations of technology; that's why so much research and development money and market research are conducted by tech companies, such as Apple or Dell - leaders in these corporations know that succeeding in their field is all about moving fast and capturing the latest tech advances in appealing, easy-to-use products. In some cases, as with the iPhone, these electronic gadgets can become worldwide phenomena. 

Understanding the generations of technology is the key to mastering the production and advertising of technology - the best in the business plan the sales cycle carefully, to take advantage of each and every cycle.

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