If You Have Photos On A Digital Camera, How Exactly Can You Put Them On The Computer?


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I see that you couldn't understand the first answer so I'll try to make it simpler.Firstly check the box in which the camera was sold ,for a cable wire.Once you've found the wire,search the box for a CD.These are the only 2 things that you need for uploading your pictures.Connect the wire to a USB port which will be at the front or back of your CPU.Then insert the CD .You will see that a program will start running and further instructions will be given to you.If you still don't understand,go to the digicam's website and I'm sure you'll find a help option.Normally manuals are given along with the camera so check the camera's box for that too :) Hope this answer helped you.
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Claire McGurk answered
Well firstly there should be a cable that you got with the camera that will plug into your USB port at the front or back or your computer. And you may have a disk to install drivers and software so your able to transfer between camera and your computer. I would suggest looking to see if the instructions tell you anymore.
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Rosy Christia answered
Just connect your digital camera with your PC via USB cable. Then in
your PC you will see a Removable disk drive. Click on that and open the
folder where you have saved your photos and copy it and paste in your
folder in your PC where you want to.

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