How Do I Get Pictures Onto My Computer?


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Can You please Get some more detail about your question??
Either you'll have to scan them or if you have some other way then buy
cable of it if both not work use of infra is advice.
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If your talking about pictures from other sites if they are the right file type you can right click on the picture and click on cut  and then past them in a file on your computer... At least thats the way I do it...
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I took my pictures off my camera and had them loaded onto a disk, how do I see them on my computer?
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The question is a little vague, but if you want to save a picture that you have on the screen there are a few options:
The first one will work no matter how the picture is displayed. With the picture on the screen hold down the Ctrl/Shift/PrtScn keys together. This will copy the screen. Next click on Start/Run and enter ms paint. When paint is loaded click on Edit/Paste. You will now have the screen displayed in paint. Crop it as necessary and save it in the format you need. I recommend .jpg since it is compatible with most WEB software.
The next method is much easier but will not work in all circumstances. Right mouse click on the picture and if you get a pull-down menu select "Save Picture as". Enter a name and save it.
This method is unique to pictures in a .pdf file. While the file is displayed in Adobe reader select the camera icon at the top of the page and high light the portion of the document you wish to capture. If this works ( it will not always) Then use the mspaint routine from above to save.
If these are photographs taken with a non-digital camera and you have the negatives take them to walmart and have them put on disk.
If these are photographs but you do not have negatives you can have them scanned at Kinkos and probably most other office print shops.
If these are pictures in a digital camera, you should have either a USB or firewire cable to directly transfer the pix to your computer.

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