How To Put Pictures In The Computer?


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Many digital cameras use SD memory cards. Also many computers have a slot for the same SD cards.

Take your pictures with the digital camera and make sure they get loaded into the SD card. Then remove the card from the camera and plug it into the computer. With XP or Vista a screen will pop up asking what you want to do. Very simple. No drivers, no CD, no cables.
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Your question is vague or has vast angles to answer correctly. Regular physical paper photos that you've had for years would require a scanner to scan them in to the computer. A digital camera will save them to memory and when you bought the camera it came with a cd-rom to install driver software for the computer to know you camera and the camera will have a wire that was supplied as well that plugs in from your camera to the computer, after the cd-rom is finished installing the software your computer will immediately recognize the camera and show you all the photos that are in the camera on your computer screen. Simple.

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