How To Put My Picture As Avatar?


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You need to have a jpeg picture, go to 'my account' at the bottom of the page, in there on that page scroll down to the pictures, and click on browse, it will show a new window with pictures that you have loaded for that, and you click on the picture title, then click open, it will show up on the browse of your page, and then click submit, then you will adjust the picture in the sizer and then you will click submit on the right lower side of the picture. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
Go to the bottom of the page, and on the left, click on 'my account' and in there scroll down a little until you see the pictures of the different avatars, then just above them, there is the avatar loader, click on browse, then in there find the picture that you want to use, click open in the new window, and then go to the avatar and size it so that you will be able to use it for your avatar, it has to be in jpg format to work. If you need to resize the avatar, there is a free resizer in the avatarium that you can use. Hope this helps, welcome aboard.
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Just go to your profile, and under your avatar, click on the link "edit" and then you can change your profile picture.
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athish thirumal answered
Browse and upload it
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Ryans_ Music answered
Go to wear it says edit avatar and click on it and then go down and hit browse then find your pic.
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hailey abbi answered
Meow lol click the avatar you like click submit or browse and up load one like lol I drawed one then up loaded it then click submit lol :) meow meow lol lol lol lol :)

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