Can Anyone Tell Me How To Put My Pictures Onto My Pc From My Cell Phone?


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You can email the photo to yourself from your cell phone depending on the services you have available to you. You would enter the email address and send it as if it were a text message to your email address. Then open you email and download the picture.
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As your cell does not have USB option u can even try with the blue tooth dongle. Insert blue tooth dongle to the system,then transfer the images thru the same. GOOD LUCK.
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Tell me how to put my pictures from my samsung E350 onto my computer useing A
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With my phone I have one of two options. There is a removable card that I can insert right into my laptop with an adaptor that came with it or I can connect the phone with a usb cable.
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Evelyn Weaver
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Thank you for the information, I will try that. I am surprised my verizon cell doesn't have a usb cord to it. I got on the web page for them but they didn't help me either.
Evelyn Weaver
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I just looked, my phone does not have a media what?
Its a camera phone too.
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My T-Mobile phone came with the media card and the usb cable only because I bought it at Costco. When I had looked at the T-Mobile store, you had to pay extra to get the cable and card. Sounds like you need to buy one. Or get a media card if there is a slot for it.

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