How Can I Transfer Pictures From My Phone To My Pc With Bluetooth?


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Well in order to transfer pictures from your phone to your computer, both the devices require Bluetooth connections.

If your computer does not have a blue tooth dongle, purchase one from a computer hardware shop. Attach the Bluetooth dongle in the USB port of the computer. Once you have attached the Bluetooth dongle, put in the Bluetooth drivers CD that you got with the dongle in the CD ROM and install the drivers. Once the drivers are installed run the software. Switch on your cell phone Bluetooth, now send the pictures via Bluetooth from your cell phone.

When you click on the "send via Bluetooth" option from your cell phone, the phone will start searching for in range Bluetooth devices and will detect your computer Bluetooth dongle. In order to send pictures you will have to synchronize your cell phone with the dongle. To synchronize both the devices you will have to put a password in the cell phone and will have to put the same password in the computer. After synchronization you can send the pictures via Bluetooth which will be received by the computer via the Bluetooth dongle.

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