How Do You Transfer Wallpapers To My Cell Phone From My PC?


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To transfer the wallpapers to any cell phones, we must know whether our cell phones support the wallpapers of not. Most recent cell phones supports full color wallpapers as they are capable of showing millions of colors. The second thing to consider is the way of communication.

Some cell phones have Infrared port for communication. In this case we need to have an Infrared device to send wallpapers to a cell phone. Some cell phones have Bluetooth port for communication. We also need any Bluetooth enabled device to make communication possible between the cell phone and the PC. Likewise some cell phones have USB port for communication. We just need to connect the computer with supported USB cable. If none of them is available then the data cable is the solution. The data cables are available in the market for different models. We should select any supported cable.

In any case we also need a software. This software will show the contents of the cell phone and will make communication possible using any media. The GPRS can also be used for this purpose if our cell phone and the service provider support this service. We can upload the wallpaper to any website and then can download them using the GPRS service. We can also browse other websites to get wallpapers.
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There are many ways to transfer wallpapers to cell phone from a computer. All methods are given below.* You can use the CD which you got with your cell phone to transfer data from computer to cell phone. Put your CD of cell phone in CD Rom and install the software. Connect one end of your phone wire with your cell phone and other end with the USB port. Computer will recognize your cell phone and now you can transfer wallpapers from computer to mobile phone. The mobiles which are coming now days don't require any software to be installed in computer. You can use them by just connecting the cable with mobile and USB port.

* If your computer and mobile has infra red then you can send data from computer to mobile. You just have to on the infrared on your cell phone and computer.
* You can also perform the same task by using Bluetooth device. But still you must have Bluetooth device on your computer as well as cell phone. You can turn on Bluetooth device if your computer has through the following path.Start button ---> My Network places. Here on the left side of the window you will see option of Bluetooth.So you can transfer wallpapers from your computer to Cell phone by using any method as given above.
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You can transfer wallpapers from your PC to your mobile using various methods. 1st of all you should have the technical specifications of your mobile that your mobile phone support a wallpaper or not. If you want to transfer wallpaper with more size than the mobile's specification, wallpaper might not be applied. The some of the methods for transferring the wallpapers from the PC to mobile phone are using Bluetooth technology (if your mobile have Bluetooth technology), using infrared device (if your mobile phone has infrared port), using USB port (if your mobile have one), using Data cable (considered under the accessories category of a mobile and usually not supplied by the company) and using mobile card reader (if the mobile have extendable memory).

You can also use another method of transfer of wallpapers from your PC to mobile. This method is to first upload the wallpaper on internet and then using internet on your mobile, you can download it from the site you had uploaded it. This method requires no extra device to be connected with your PC and mobile while all other devices requires to attach the certain device with computer, with mobile or both mobile and computer.
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Dimitris Dimitrakopoulos , Just connect your phone with your PC., answered

Just connect your phone with your PC via a usb cable.

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